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Re: Random Rage Thread

In two days with Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), and my single and only thought right now is it is flipping hard (replace flipping with the most vilest swear word in your vocab), because I flipping hate it.

It is so easy to get a bounty on your head, it's not funny.
Numerous times, I have lost a wonderfui cargo (massive elk skin for one example) because I got killed because of a bounty on my head, and no money to pay it off..
.. or recently, bounty hunters tracked me to a dead end and I had no option but to shoot it out with them.

Another time, now this one is funny.. well, now that a few hours have passed.
So I had killed a legendary bear, and had it's pelt on the back of my horse, and was going as fast as the horse could go, and some idiot AI on a horse stepped in front of me and BLAM! I kill the guy, his partner starts shooting at me, the 3x cattle handling witnesses also get in on the action, and as I'm trying to chase one guy down, I lose the pelt (from the impact), and then get another bounty for trying to hide the corse of the guy I was chasing down.
Holy GOD Rockstar.

I'm afraid to brandish a weapon going into a forest, for fear of snake bites, alligator attacks, and silly hunters tracking prey, who get antsy because I have my gun out.

Excellent game though :)

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Re: Random Rage Thread

I know right?!

The bounties in the game are ridiculous.
Punch the wrong guy in a bar fight? $15.
Knock out the first Lawman who enters the bar after you fail to escape through the second floor? $30
Shoot his partner who just started shooting you from the only obvious exit? $80
Kill two more as they pepper you with shots while you try escaping town? $150
Kill four more after your horse trips over a rock because you were sprinting instead of letting it jump? $220
The last eight you do over just because you refuse to die in this shithole covered in muck? $300

When trying to rescue your friend who you just spring from prison because the dumb prick killed an enemy gang member in town while drunk, then having the entire freaking town slaughtered for him wanting to grab something specific?

There's another entire region at $300...

Rockstar REALLY tried to make sure that the Redemption part of the game would be hard to get to.
You pretty much have to avoid all missions at first, hunt yourself rich, and then attempt to do as little damage as you can during missions.
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Re: Random Rage Thread

Steam Halloween sale and not only do I not have money to spare, but the games I want the most are not on sale! :evil: Rimworld and literally every Assassin's Creed game, I'm looking at you. :ghost:
Please don't take my advice. You will wind up in jail if you do.
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Re: Random Rage Thread

0111narwhalz wrote:
Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:09 am
I am this close to being able to attend the F9 launch on November 19. But the trains don't quite line up to get me to my class the same day—the one train arrives a minute after the other leaves. :evil:
If I wait for the next train, I'll arrive just in time for class to end. :ghost:
Well, sounds like SpaceX are telling you that you need to skip class. :D
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Re: Random Rage Thread

Flagon_15 wrote:
Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:27 am
Now THAT will be the hardest part, but if they're your parents, they know you, and will know how much of an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it is for you... I'm really jealous, not to mention that it started as a rage moment but then got overturned!
Unfortunately, it turns out that I'm too broke to make it happen anyway. :ghost:

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