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I also googled it to see, and some threads told people to check the page file and change it to "a min of 1024 and a max of 2048MB" to resolve problems like this. Mine was min at 4000 and max at 5119 for some reason. Maybe that could be why it was eating up so much RAM, a ton of it was being kept for the pagefile thing. I am gonna change it and see if that helps. If not I will put it back.

Re: Hardware

As a general rule, you should delete all temp files, defrag your hard, set pagefile min and max to zero (ignore the windows error), reboot, then set pagefile min and max to 2048.
This will apply a consecutive block of space on your hard drive, so Windows doesn't have to go searching all over your drive to read/write to the pagefile.

It depends on what hard drive(s) you have in your computer.
If SSD, DO NOT DEFRAG, this will expire the drive quicker (mtbf, for those in the know).

Why do you have 12Gb of RAM?
Best is to have identical size RAM sticks in your PC.
2x8Gb, 4x4Gb and always from the same manufacturer.

If you run into pagefile memory errors, try 3072 for Min/Max, or even 4096.
The problem with having a low min and high max has to do with Windows seeking space on your drive to grow the pagefile.
Lastly, never have less than 11% free space on your drive. In one way, it's to allow for temp files, but mostly because Windows doesn't perform well at 90%+ used hard drive.

NB: The process of defragging is good maintenance for spindle hard drives.
Another solution is to place the pagefile on a different hard drive (NB: not partition, because it's the same hard drive as your c: drive, using the same hard drive controller).

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