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Re: Frontiers (The pretender to Daggerfall/Morrowind)?

Victor Tombs wrote:
Baile nam Fonn wrote:<3 Lars and his hilarious updates! :lol:
One of a kind. Thanks for mentioning this, Victor. :thumbup:
It wasn't the usual hilarious Lars we all know and love this time around though, Baile nam Fonn.

Maybe he should have kept the beard. ;) :angel:

Edit: Although it does look like he's working on a new one. :lol:
I'll confess that, like Etsu, I was never invested in any way into the game, so I watch these updates purely for his personality's sake and with a perspective rather detached from the fate of the project.

And despite the subdued / haggard tone of this update, there were yet several glimmers of trademark Lars humour that provoked hearty laughter.

I'll further admit that, by the end, I'd shivered a few times at the unbidden thought -- heaven forbid a Josh version of this! :ghost:
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Frontiers (The pretender to Daggerfall/Morrowind)?

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:19 am
Dinosawer wrote:
Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:35 am
There's been an update recently, apparently, with some big changes: ... ts/2005407
Look closely and you can see the switch statement where I lose all hope
I feel like i shouldnt have laughed at that one, but i did
Nope, I laughed at how much work he saved (wasted) on the previous iteration.
Interesting how we figure out the best way to do something, after we've completed the initial task and have a working solution (albeit, with all the wrong methods/ functionality in place).
I find this with Batch Scripting all the time.

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