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i have read most of the threads in this forum and very little talk about minefields.

A minefield can consist of cloaked mines which are used to destroy enemy ships and can only be detected by ships with sensors that can spot them or uncloaked mines that can be used as a blockade to deter trading, ship movement, and attacks.

minefields can be used to track, follow, and destroy fighters or bombers that are attempting to break through them and destroy something. these should be something that is part of the game but should be limited to decently established players or factions trying to protect or blockade certain territories and zones.

due to the potential to bog the computer there should be an option to disable mines permanently or enable them permanently.
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Re: Minefields

ThymineC had a big thread about minefields back in the day. I don't think many people had many thoughts on it, though. The big issue - the main one, I would say - is that mines in space, for them to work, would have to number in the thousands even for the very smallest minefields.

The last time I asked Josh, he said minefields are highly unlikely to be in vanilla LT.
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Re: Minefields

In warfare, the purpose of mines (mine-fields) is not to actually go off and kill enemies, but for posing a threat and blocking paths, thus funneling the enemy into moving a certain way or protecting a flank / position.
That would work well in space, where otherwise enemies have a much larger (3 dimensional) space to move in.
The mines then, i would imagine, should be some kind of proximity based, self propelled missiles. Eg, when an enemy / not identified ship (that does not transmit the right code) gets close, the missile activates and targets the ship. Those field can be used to block off a less defended side of a station, or is just placed randomly to slow down a fleets approach (as its needs to scan for those mines)

Since a space game has the general problem of being very open (wich can get boring), its another method (next to asteroids, debris fields and large wrecks) to add some topography into the game-world.

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