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Re: The Official Sales/Free Games Thread

Zorathex wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:43 pm
This is free right now... not sure if it's worth getting even though it is free, it's only got 50% good reviews. ... _XenoDawn/
Well I got this to take a look at it. It has a currency system for buying ships and weapons which is interesting. The game supports mouse keyboard play but from playing it a bit like that I can tell that a gamepad or joystick will likely help quite a bit. The UI isn't great and doesn't make it easy to compare ships and weapons. There is a area with help text which explains the game but the font is a bit smaller than I'm used to which makes me think I'll need to play this game at a lower resolution just to read through the documentation. Level zero AI can and will kill you if you are playing without allies. Game supports both single and multi-player where the single player includes a campaign along with sandbox play.

Game play is similar to an arcade F16 game where leading a shot is important and touching any solid surface leads to instant death. The one odd thing about this game is that flying into water at 60+ mph does not destroy your ship but rather just slows it down a tad.

Is it worth getting? Probably not. Save your money and buy X-wing Alliance instead.

Re: The Official Sales/Free Games Thread

Arclite wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:23 pm
Watchdogs, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and World in Conflict are all free right now on UPlay. You'll have to install the UPlay client. It's similar to EA's Origin. I have a few games on there, and only open it if I want to play something on that platform.
Please remind me,
:?: where do I see which games I got linked to my Uplay account again :?:
I installed Uplay and registered an account on it 4 years ago. Got 3 games at the time, never played. My account is still live, ofc, and I just claimed Watch Dogs and World in Conflict (but no Ass Ass in's Creed Black Flag, sadly.
*Out of stock* they say. Out of stock my Ass! ... Ass in's Creed Black Flag, I mean).
Right now Uplay is not installed and I do not plan to infest my system with it. So where do I go check on my registered games again?


Re: The Official Sales/Free Games Thread

Prack wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:49 am
I think it's more that they budgeted to give away only an X amount of copies and that that limit has been reached.

Also, I just claimed all 3 so the limit might have been increased, either way you may want to check again
Good thing you told me! :thumbup:
I returned to the ACIV:BF page on the Uplay Store. It still says OUT OF STOCK. But then there is a little "here" link where it says:
"Click here to get Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag complete game for free from December 18 to December 23
(Download Uplay PC)"

Clicking the here has brought me to the page where I could claim the game for my account, as I did Watch Dogs and World in Conflict.
It makes no sense. But it works :think: ....... Ubisoft style.
Now if only I could check on my registered games list... I guess it is not possible outside of Uplay client, is it?
Anyway: thank you very much, Prack!


Re: The Official Sales/Free Games Thread

Arclite wrote:
Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:24 am
Hey Fox,

I registered the games to my Ubi account via the UPlay application on my PC. I don't know of any other way of doing it.
I did it via browser. Just log into your account, go to the Uplay store and click to claim stuff.

More suggestions for the Steam sale:
Starbound is at an all-time minimum so far (next major update is impending. Once it hits, there will not be another discount this strong for a while).
Salt and Sanctuary is at an all-time minimum (captivating Souls-like made in 2D).
X3 Terran War Pack too: lowest price ever.
Spoiler:      SHOW
As for Skyrim Legendary Edition (aka: Skyrim w/o Creation Club plus All Mods Free And Working) it is a robbery at € 44.97 (oops, no... +14.99 =) € 59.96 !!
Bethesda's message is clear: pay a Premium price to dodge the Creation Club ( :lol: )
I think Valve is losing money with this one... people still buy discounted Steam keys for Skyrim LE daily (here I did mine -- € 8.79 right now, +4% Paypal commission = € 9.14 grand total)


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