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Re: Random Rage Thread

Yeah, except it was 2 random temporary lights, and I know for a fact they were fine before, then set aside during the storm and then put back...
So I'm 99 percent sure they accidentally switched them around :ghost:
(Also, if your simulation fails to predict a very large traffic jam, then your simulation is flawed)
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Re: Random Rage Thread

Ordered item from vendor. Vendor stated 8-14 business day manufacturing time. Vendor took 16 business days. Carrier stated 1-3 day shipping time. Carrier took 5 days. Carrier attempted delivery while I was not home. Carrier returned package to office. Office closes at 5. Made concerted effort to arrive at and leave work early. Traffic into and out of work was worse than usual. Other drivers drove under the speed limit. Several emergency vehicles halted traffic on their way to an incident.

Arrive at office at 5:02. Office closed. Door locked. Package still inside. Me, outside. Employees, indifferent.
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Re: Random Rage Thread


Dave Mark, with whom I worked (very distantly) on the Storybricks project, was struck late yesterday at GDC by a car that ran a red light.

He's now had surgery for two brain bleeds, plus a fractured hip. At one point he did show awareness, but was confused. His wife has flown to San Francisco to be with him.

This is absolutely horrible. It would be bad enough if this happened to anyone, but Dave is not only one of the most phenomenal minds in game AI, he is also a really decent guy. The outpouring of sympathy for him, from people all over the game development industry, has been remarkable.

If I were the advice-giving type, I'd suggest: say something nice today to someone you care about. You just never know.

Re: Random Rage Thread

Not actually rage, but I did want to take a moment to note that Dave Mark survived his accident.

He's finally out of the hospital in San Francisco, out of the rehab facility, and back home now, trying to get his leg and shattered pelvis working again. Every day hurts... but he's still here. And that's good.

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