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I wonder if Taiya can detect those spambots, (there was one today again)

Maybe disallowing/detecting any new Member under X posts, to post any URL or URL part?

Or asking any 1 time poster with a possible spam message: "would you like me to delete your post?"

(the correct answer would be "No" btw)

If it says nothing or "does not compute", its a bot

Re: Spambots

She can, she does detect them, she used to get rid of the posts automatically, but Tal is feeling paranoid about it. So instead she informs the IRC, who inform Tal when there is a spam bot needing spanking.

Making a system to ask if you actually want to post will help for a few hours/days at best, but also would be difficult, as PHPBB is incredibly poorly coded, and is a pain in the ass to work with.
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Re: Spambots

The new post-upgrade bots are trickier to catch, but I should be able to get her to catch all of them properly. Taiya is detecting them as she should, but unfortunately, I lack access to her at the moment (DWMagus is hosting her) and I can't update her with what she needs to actually kill the new ones like she did the old ones. As soon as DWMagus gives me access again, I'll be able to fix the issues.
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Re: Spambots

Damocles wrote:
Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:14 am
Or asking any 1 time poster with a possible spam message: "would you like me to delete your post?"
<chortles> I once had a 'bot post on the Oolite forum, and its only content was 'Please delete me!' I duly obliged.
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Re: Spambots

So Talvieno... this divorce you and magus went through.... the public is curious. They want answers.

Care to talk about it?
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