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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Talvieno wrote:
Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:43 am
I talked it over briefly with Outlander in IRC, and we did a coinflip. Black won the toss. :) Welcome to REKT, Black! You can post in the thread and get started.

[08:39:29] <Vivacia> taiya choose black, lander
[08:39:32] <Taiya> Mmm... I choose black. :)
I want to make a few edits to the personality of my character, can I just do that on the wiki? I can't remember how that works. :P
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

For the record, guys: I'm pretty much ready to start the mission whenever everyone feels like they're ready to begin. There's a little bit left (I have to draw the maps), but apart from that, the mission is designed and the main text is written up.

I won't get the next Nemesis update finished today, because I have LT stuff to work on, but I should be able to get to it tomorrow. In the meantime, if you haven't noticed, there's a Hiltorel primer thread here that tells a lot about the species.
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