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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

as i just saw that i actually submitted something :ghost:

re: "I would've liked to perhaps seen some evidence of the shield itself."

i never made it with the intention of showing it in some screenshot :lol:
i just pulled it up from my archives, i can pull up a place where its rendered with the shield activating, but thats a frame in a 20 minute video :lol:

segment with the activation of the shield array is about the next minute from the linked point.
and for those who understand german and are very cringe resistant, enjoy the rest of the movie i helped a good friend of mine make :ghost:
(Mars for those who know him from our few parties of Tribes)

re: "the added lore gives it a nice touch"
the lore actually came first, needed a shield emitter for that scene :D

Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

Talvieno wrote:
Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:37 am
The results for June 2017 "Station Edition" are (finally) up! Congratulations to CSE, HowSerendipitous, and Lyyrae!

Sorry, missed the post with all the news to read in the devlogs!

Thanks and congrats to the winners and all the others as well!!!!! Nice entries we had (so get motivated and make an entry now for this month!!!!)
Judge1 wrote:The designing of this really shines, and the amount of detail in it is really awesome. The only minus I see is a couple of typos in the advertisement.
Oops, sorry. Not many native english speakers in my neighborhood, but I'll try to proofread better.
Judge2 wrote:It looks like a space station designed by an engineer indeed; mad respect for that. The level of detail is quite awesome. However, I liked the render of the station much more than the advertisement page, as it suffers from that terrible, depression-inducing blue monotone-ish background.
Thanks, as I actually am an engineer, it does not only look like a station designed by an engineer, it is... :geek: . Joke aside, the choice to go for the blueprint was to emphasis that. It was actually more difficult than a normal rendering... but I agree it does not make a "nice" picture as result.
Judge3 wrote:The amount of detail on this piece is astonishing. If we're able to design stations with anywhere near this level of detail in LT, I will be overjoyed. Impressive work!
Thanks. Let's trust Lindsay for that - I am pretty confident, as she started building functional blocks. I hugely look forward to their creations!

Talvieno wrote:
Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:37 am
Prizes are: Super Hexagon, Mirror's Edge, Medal of Honor, and Superhot. CSE, you're up first, and congratulations on first place!
To be perfectly honest, superhot seems real cool, but a bit violent, medal of honor and mirror's edge are PC only and super hexagon sort of give me seasickness just looking at the introduction movie. So thanks to the donators for the great choice, but I guess it would be a waste a good steam game to let such a price sleep unused in my account because of my somewhat peculiar taste. Therefore I would gladly give my price (after HS and Lyyrae have taken their picks) to the fourth in rank: Catsu, according to the table.
If Talv agrees, of course. Otherwise it's back to the pool ;) .

Thanks again for the competiton, it is really motivating to have topics forcing to think outside of your box, dealines and feedback. I appreciate Talv and the judges work very much! :clap:


Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

CSE wrote: Therefore I would gladly give my price (after HS and Lyyrae have taken their picks) to the fourth in rank: Catsu, according to the table.
If Talv agrees, of course.
I absolutely agree. :) Third place prize is now shifted to Catsu. And yes, judge feedback is something I consider absolutely essential.
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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:08 pm
poseidon station looks very borg-y, i like it :D
(maybe not as a tourist destination :lol: )
Harrr, thanks. Who wouldn't want to visit a shipyard then accidentally get assimilated? :twisted: I've just realised I didn't reply to the comments from the judges in the Station competition, so here goes...
A judge wrote:•Wow, those greebles... :shock: So many! So much! Even the windows are nicely textured. I wouldn't be surprised if the render time was obscene. Very lovely work! Excellent station design as well. I feel like this entry wasn't particularly "original", however.
Heh, thanks. 10 hours and 45 minutes, apparently. Or at least the second from last one with the 359 degree rotated bit was. Heheh, yeah, perhaps not very original, but fun to build.... :twisted:
A judge wrote:• That's how stations should look in LT. Very Freelancer-like, but with much more detail. One small thing related to the description: if you have a celestial body that's an "orbital companion" to another body infested with bacteria that are wholly and universally incompatible with humans, it'd mean that at least some form those same microorganisms is likely to exist on its companion body thanks to exchange of material induced by the asteroid impacts.
Thanks. Must admit, I'm woolly on the idea of microorganisms going from one body to another... I'm no astrophysicist :twisted:
A judge wrote:• Another great entry with a ton of detail to discover in the high-res version. The only thing I'd do different personally is the coloring - a more metallic looking color might look better than the somewhat plastic primary coloring.
Thanks - I'll work on the texturing, it does look a bit plastic-y at a second look.

Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

Talvieno wrote:
Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:52 am
I thought I mentioned this, but it seems I forgot: Due to few entries, I'm keeping the LTFC open until December. I was hoping more people would make entries, but it seems like overall interest in the contest is dwindling, sadly enough.
Beauty is not exactly a very interesting topic imho. :V
I might make something but it depends if I have inspiration on the topic...
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