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Re: Stellaris

BFett wrote:Did you get that by setting up each race individually and then telling the game to only use player made factions?
Yep, just set all the custom factions to force spawn, then even if you tell it to use less AIs in a match than you have force spawned empires, it will randomly choose from the force spawn ones. They all have unique ships too, looks like the Mandalorians got screwed though. They have only had that many planets since I first found them.

Re: Stellaris

I would like to play too. Sorry for kinda abandoning our last game. :(

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Re: Stellaris

Suggestions for the game, Trigger edition:

Roleplay Ideas:
To be followed in general, lightly, not to the absurd in order to keep it fun:

- Team Human - Medium expansion priority, balanced research/resource goals, none-aggressive, with possibility to turn robotic if so wished, could trade with team Robot
- Team Bug - No diplomacy, no trade outside the team, goal is to expand as quickly as possible, and to destroy anyone they meet, not words said. Cannot be negotiated with.
- Team Robot - Research focus, less planetary expansion focus, could be the tricky traitors willing the betray the other two.

In my head, each team would coordinate as one, and generally aim to follow the roleplay guidelines, just for the fun of it.
Ideally, each team would also have it's own voice chat in discord.

What do you all think of that?

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