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XMorph: Defense

I discovered this game a while back - through DWMagus, I think, though it could've been someone else. It's essentially a top-down aerial shooter/tower defense game cross, and it looks incredible. Now, I'm not typically a fan of tower defense games, but this one has my eye probably because it's not purely tower defense, and because it's so fast-paced and chaotic. I love fast-paced, chaotic stuff. Always have. This game has that in spades. The reviews for it are pretty good so far - 91% positive on Steam as of this writing.

Some of the interesting points:
  • Absolutely everything except the terrain (and sometimes also the terrain) is destructible. Buildings will fall in different directions depending on how you damage them and can be used to stop paths of enemy units or crush them entirely. I saw someone collapse a building on top of a boss once. Pretty awesome. :D
  • There seem to be a multitude of very creative weapons and upgrades for your little fighter craft. You actually use debris from buildings and destroyed enemies, as far as I can tell, as "currency" or "resources" to unlock better gear. The devastation you create has a purpose!
  • On that note - you're the aliens - the bad guys invading Earth. You don't see that very often. Usually it's the other way around - you're Earth's last line of defense. Nope, not this time. Actually the first aggressive action you take in this game is to wreck a bunch of civilian vehicles.
  • Some of the various structures you can build are pretty creative too - like towers that stretch "force field walls" between them to block off certain paths.

I figured it was worth mentioning here. :) It finally released a few days ago!

Steam Link
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Re: XMorph: Defense

Talvieno wrote:
Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:10 am
Yeah, it's not on Linux. The reason, I think, is that it relies heavily on Nvidia's PhysX features, and Linux is not very friendly at all with Nvidia.
Linux is very friendly with nvidia (especially compared to amd) but fancy gaming-specific stuff like physx is almost never ported to linux
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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