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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

First was very unhappy - my computer started to compete with both the A-10 engines and main gun being run and fired at once, about when I reached the 4th deck of the Emesis. Had to scrap everything I did so far, and start over on the internal decks, on a smaller and simpler scale.

Very happy - while it looks severely simpler, my computer has a manageable frames when the program is open, does not make me go deaf and does not burn holes in the table or in my lap. More importantly, I know exactly what and how I'm doing now, it looks good, and I learned a lot in the process!

PS - and I no longer try to get it done just for the sake of getting it done. An enjoyable process now that I don't have to read a book for five minutes every time I copy something.

PPS - really, I maybe might have overdone it when I started detailing out the engraving on the silverware...

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