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Re: Weapons

Cornflakes_91 wrote:Im as wise as you are in that regard :shrug:
I wasn't sure if anything new had been revealed here or in IRC. I've been a bit out of touch lately.

:shifty: I know I've been pushing for more emotes but I'm slightly...erm...disturbed by some I've been seeing. This one falls into that category. :roll:

Re: Weapons

BFett wrote:
Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:41 am
Josh was briefly in IRC yesterday but I don't believe he stated much during his time there. He did reaffirm that he was working on study plans for the middle through high school group on a daily basis.
Good to read that he still visits IRC, BFett. Thanks! :angel:

Re: Weapons

Silverware wrote: Yeah he said hi, played some blackjack, then went quiet again. He's at the last part of his teaching thing, so things should pick up again next week is my guess.

Moral of the story? Goatbot needs to extend Josh an extensive line of credit for gambling.
Your post got me thinking of the coding warrior's trips to Vegas. I wonder if he still does that. :angel:

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