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I mean, yeah. Why not. Use a freakin nuclear landmine. So, when one member of a squad steps on it you see them from afar. Cuz of the huge mushroom cloud. I mean, WHY THE frak NOT, RIGHT?
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Flatfingers wrote: 23.01.2017: "Show me the smoldering corpse of Perfectionist Josh"


Breaking news!
Talvieno is his brother's pimp, evidence below!
<Hyperion> taiya, add quote Talvieno * Talvieno was implying Black--Snow was sensually whipping hitler
<Taiya> Okay, added T​alvieno's quote. :)
<Hyperion> thanks taiya
<Taiya> You're welcome.
<Black--Snow> Taiya who is hitler
<Taiya> hitler is online as H​ema.
<Black--Snow> :/



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