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Re: StarCraft II

Pretty impressive how they have kept the old artstyle almost 1:1.
Same colors, shapes etc. At first glance it looks exactly like the original, just with way more detail.

When I see a lot of remakes, they try to "improve" on the art by introducing their own new interpretation on the style, but often making it just
feel stange or even uglier and uncanny.

I wish one could do a HD remake of Fallout 1 then. (keeping the same artstyle sounds etc, but maybe fixing some issues like Ian running in front of my SMG all the time)

Re: StarCraft II

I was reading up on the 4K remaster -- and since I never played the Brood War expansion, maybe I'll do that tonight -- when I read this "feature" on the StarCraft remaster page:
Blizzard Friends and Matchmaking

If that just means a multiplayer option for those who want it, cool. But if it's marketing-speak for requiring an always-connected leash (because the only thing that Blizzard cares about is pushing usage of, then I'm out.

That would be disappointing. I'd enjoy replaying an HD StarCraft, but not if it needlessly forces me to be logged in.


Re: StarCraft II

Since you don't need to be online to play the Starcraft 2 campaign, I don't see why they'd do it in Brood War.

That line is mostly important for competitive multiplayer, because Brood war had no matchmaking at all. You just play random people. And it was through poorly secured channels with apparently a lot of hackers.
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Re: StarCraft II

I'm familiar with StarCraft as a competitive multiplayer game, especially in South Korea. And I think that's fantastic.

I just get twitchy at any hints of requiring perma-connectivity. Way too many publishers are demanding that for single-player games today.

So it's not crazy-talk to cast a suspicious eye over at Blizzard, whom I'm convinced considers every one of its games, from WoW to Diablo to StarCraft to Overwatch, to be nothing more than come-ons to get people signed up on

If I'm wrong about always-connected regarding the remastered StarCraft, awesome. :) But I think I will just wait until it's actually released before I jump on that train....

Re: StarCraft II

Speaking of StarCraft in South Korea, I don't know if anyone else has been following the craziness there, with the President being forced to resign, but... of the candidates for the job has released a StarCraft map as a campaign advertisement.

It's just a mostly-empty map with resources arranged in the middle to spell out the candidate's name. So not exactly playable.

Still, somebody thinks this is a good form of voter outreach, which gives you a hint at just how big StarCraft is there.

Re: StarCraft II

The reason for this remake is precisely to get a bigger foothold in the South Koreas eSports market,
as the new version is requiring Battlenet.
The original can simply be played in a private network environment at those competitions, and SC 2 never got the traction as SC 1 did in South Korea.

Any changes to the gameplay and general visuals would not be adopted by professional eSports.
Thats why they created virtually a 1:1 reimplementation. (just boosting the engines capabilities and remastered the graphics)

Re: StarCraft II

Dinosawer wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:39 am ... s-tv-show/
I think this is the best cosmetic DLC in the history of cosmetic DLC's
This is the best, yes. 100%
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