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Should the tryouts be canon (VR) missions

Total votes: 9 (69%)
Total votes: 4 (31%)
Total votes: 13

Re: REKT tryouts: the canoning

Black--Snow wrote:
Silverware wrote:
But then we know each other, and see others as enemies immediately. Bad idea.
See other as enemies? Silver, I think you're still playing as Aeg, or goatman....
You were kidnapped, you killed your kidnappers, you got arrested, you sneak into a cyro, then when unfrozen you are dropped into combat. :3

Re: REKT tryouts: the canoning

Cornflakes_91 wrote:You could, for once, play in a way that everyone gets fun out of. Not only you and maybe Tal.
Then you wouldnt get shot and/or abandoned at the moment when you stop being useful.
Who said I am going to attempt to kill anyone?
I'm just saying that Ron probably wont view anyone as a friend until proved otherwise.

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