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Re: Stardew Valley

IronDuke wrote:
JanB1 wrote: You never played spore before, eh? ;)


Wow. :shock: :lol: I concede defeat.


Heh. I liked the game, even though it got some bad reviews. But I thought it was cool. ^^

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Re: Stardew Valley

JanB1 wrote:Btw.:
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:lol: :thumbup: Thanks for that. Watering my cat was indeed a much beloved segment of my morning routine.
If anybody wants to employ a namedrop (eg. 'it's like x') to get me interested in a game, x= Stardew Valley will always work. :squirrel:
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Re: Stardew Valley

Hey, Baile nam Fonn - you should try Dwarf Fortress. It's a lot like Stardew Valley. You can grow crops, and drowning the cats is actually quite easy. It's full of weird, wacky characters that all secretly hate you, too! And each other, typically. Best of all, there's plenty of mining! They're practically the same game!
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