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The State of Limit Theory

Say, Tal -- remember how I mentioned that your reward for doing good work would be more work?

Well. :)

It occurs to me that, with Josh tentatively coding features in what we hope will be the final LT architecture, and with yourself identified as the point of contact to the LT community for project status information, now might be a good time to provide an updated baseline for the features we can expect to see.

I'm not imagining anything super-detailed. Mostly it seems to me that it would nice to get a read on planned-LT versus Kickstartered-LT as it's understood at this time (meaning that it's understood plans may change). In other words:
  • What features from the Kickstarter are currently planned for inclusion in LT 1.0?
  • What features from the Kickstarter are planned for updates after LT 1.0 is released?
  • What features from the Kickstarter are being deferred indefinitely?
  • What features that weren't described in the Kickstarter will likely be included in LT 1.0?
A simple color-coded bullet point list would be perfect.

Does this seem like a reasonable suggestion? "Maybe sometime later" would be a perfectly valid answer.

Thanks for considering this request, and of course it's open to discussion from others here.

Re: The State of Limit Theory

Yep, this would be good as I'd be able to tweak my list of features and my personal estimate of when everything is going to get completed.

Just for the record, my personal guess of 6 months starts the moment Josh is able to implement new features and does not include the reintroduction of already programmed material.

PS: I may even setup a link in my signature for when I think LT will be about beta ready.

Re: The State of Limit Theory

Talvieno wrote:Thanks for that link, BFett. :) I was actually going to hunt it down myself if you hadn't provided it.
It's kind of funny looking back at the thread and the hard time people were giving me for making it. Who would have thought that a bit over 3 years later it would turn out to be fairly useful to someone other than myself. It's something that's almost signature worthy.

I look forward to seeing an updated list.

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