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Nostalgia Video?

Hey Folks,

I thought, with Josh coming back to us with some updates, perhaps it would be interesting to post a video of the Prototype game play?

I put together about 25 minutes of video. Any interest in this? I could do more if you all want to see it. Maybe upgrade to a bigger ship and get some wing mates.

A little dry at first as I bump around the menu's (It's been so long!) But we get to some pew pew, don't you worry.

Let me know if there's any interest in doing more of these. I may do them anyway ;) But I thought I might do one with a web cam + talking.

EDIT: Added a final comment to this thread, to note my playlist and a fun Fleet Battle video. But I don't want to spam this forum, so that's all the links I'm posting!

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Re: Nostalgia Video?

Spyglass wrote:I really wish there was a way to get my hands on the prototype. I would love to play it.
Best I can do for you is another video:

At least in this one, I'm talking and explaining what I'm doing. Maybe that'll make it more interesting. I'm a little loud at the start, sorry about that.

Maybe Josh will release a beta soon? Then he could charge people who want to join in who didn't kickstart it back in the day...
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Re: Nostalgia Video?

Alright, instead of spamming this, here's a link to a Playlist with a bunch of videos on LTP: ... LZYW6UnXJz

And I think a lot of you would enjoy this one specifically: because I take on a HUGE fleet. You get to see what the most powerful guns in the game can do to a group of bad guys!

If you want me to try something, let me know! Anything you want to see? Anything you'd like explained? I know a LOT of you have asked for access to the prototype and this is as close as I can get you. So if there's something you'd like to see, please PLEASE let me know. I'll try to make that video for you :).
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Re: Nostalgia Video?

BFett wrote:Is there variation in ship design, or a ship designer? Are there carriers? Can you make the equivalent of a TIE fighter and overwhelm the enemy with numbers? Could you fly the smallest ship next to the largest so we can get a sense of scale?
Like cornflakes said, no to the first two questions. But for the seconds two... I shall find out!

Thanks, these are great questions/ideas.
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