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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

I will be putting in some game time tonight starting around 8pm (CET). In case anyone would like to join, let me know ingame (cmdr Plofre) or on skype (plofre.tramp).

Edit (20:47 CET): Ok, I'm online. Any takers? Or do I have to rot doing the gliese 868 - ra trated route ;)?

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Well I am bringing this mofo back to the front of Games forum where it belongs...

My absence was caused by a fairly high degree of real life getting in the way in the form of work, girlfriend, travel to Bangkok and being essentially one armed for the last little while.

It is my intention kick back up WSR and to run it as a space game focused community. If the mods and Josh are happy for me to do so I will continue to run it as a sub set of the LT community until it gets big enough to warrant it's own forums etc

I will be updating my install of Elite dangerous, firing up a WSR voice chat server and generally doing some house work around the WSR thread shortly. I am very sad that we did not survive my absence however WSR was very young so that is not unexpected! Real life and all that jazz =)

Expect write ups in the coming days as I will be turning my absence into a WSR story of hopefully some amusement. As well as updating myself on what happened in WSR while i was away =) I look forward to going out on sorties with you lads again!

~The Wolfstar Raiders : We fly badly, we fight badly, we make questionable decisions!~

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Cornflakes_91 wrote:To make something out of it there would have to be mechanics you can actually play with.
Flying around, shooting people and transporting cargo in a 99.9999% uninteresting world dont make for much game
So I take it you wont be flying with us anymore.... at least in Elite? hehe.

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Cornflakes_91 wrote:I'll play it when i get some actual gameplay that goes beyond flash game niveau and not having to pay again a full games worth.
Maybe we should move this conversation out of WSR and into the Elite dangerous thread heh.

WSR will be looking at playing other games together in the future if I can organise it =)

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Silverware wrote:We really do need to look for other space based multiplayer shooters :3

Freelancer could be good with enough modification.
Or freespace if that has multiplayer :3
Indeed we do, however I am looking forward to checking out this crafting patch in Elite. Things could be getting cool if you can start manufacturing things!

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Hello CMDR GoatChops,

During your absence, I requested to join the WolfStar Raiders, and Silverware approved:
Silverware wrote:Welcome to the Wolfstar Raiders CMDR Detritus8

As for your induction, simply find a time to fly with some fellow raiders.
If you manage to accidentally kill one of them, then you are top-flight material, and we will fast track your application.

The Wolfstar Raiders : We fly badly, we fight badly, we make questionable decisions!
so then IronDuke and I flew together a bit in Empire space.

And here I am now, requesting to be added to the members list as a full WSR member.

-- CMDR Detritus8
I am Groot.
Please don't take my advice. You will wind up in jail if you do.
For some reason, I feel obliged to display how many people have talked in IRC over the past 2 hours: Image :problem:

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

CMDR Detritus - Your name has been added to the roster. Welcome aboard!

Remember you are expected to deport yourself in a way that brings honor and glory to the name of The WolfStar Raiders.

For example if you are unsure about shooting something you should do the following:

1. Shoot it anyway,
2. Let someone else in WSR know you shot it (so they can come and assist you in shooting it),
3. Watch as the local law enforcement...or the feds... or the emps... dog pile in on top of you,
4. Heroically ran away from the system (hopefully with your ship, and wingman, intact).

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

WB goatchops!
I hope your arm is getting into a playable state soon :).

Even though we have some nasty TZ differneces, I really hope to see the WSR in-game with more than 3 people "shooting red blips".

In the meantime I had some enjoyable evenings with the Hudson horde on TS, and now have a Python ready to wreak some havoc in the glorious name of the WSR.

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