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Besides English, what languages do you speak?

None. I only speak English.
Total votes: 55 (24%)
Total votes: 47 (20%)
Total votes: 14 (6%)
Other North Germanic lang (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, Faroese)
Total votes: 11 (5%)
Total votes: 22 (9%)
Total votes: 4 (2%)
Total votes: 22 (9%)
Total votes: 4 (2%)
Other Romance lang (Romanian, Catalan, etc.)
Total votes: 3 (1%)
Total votes: 10 (4%)
Other Slavic lang (Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Bulgarian, etc.)
Total votes: 7 (3%)
Arabic (any dialect)
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Total votes: 9 (4%)
(No votes)
Mandarin or other Chinese dialect (Min, Wu, Yue, Cantonese, etc.)
Total votes: 4 (2%)
Tai-Kadai lang (Thai, Lao, etc.)
(No votes)
Indo-Aryan lang (Hindi/Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc.)
Total votes: 4 (2%)
Any notable Conlang (Esperanto, lojban, Interlingua, etc.)
Total votes: 2 (1%)
Other -- Let us know in the comments!
Total votes: 12 (5%)
Total votes: 233

Re: What languages do you speak?

Dinosawer wrote:k and h are a lot alike when you write cursive.
Not particularly - at least, not when I write. Cursive is the reason I gave R as a possible confusion (as the loop part of the k can sometimes be shifted too far up), but if your k doesn't double back on itself, or your h does, then I think you have problems. :mrgreen:
Games I like, in order of how much I like them. (Now permanent and updated regularly!)

Re: What languages do you speak?

I've ticked English only but in fact I'm being generous to myself. I speak what I call "International English". I grew up in numerous countries and then over decades stuffed up my vocabulary over many decades.
I understand some others and there actually words I Think are English that are in fact foreign ( French, German or Dutch). It can get quite amusing when I get the blank stares <g>
I still have a real dictionary that gets regularly used.

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