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Is it fair to open pre-orders in exchange for offering backer refunds to those who want out?

Yes, allowing backers who've lost confidence in the project to pull out is worth breaking the principle of "no more funding."
Total votes: 24 (27%)
No, sticking to the principle of "no more funding" is important, just gently remind backers that they're not entitled to a refund unless the project is dead / ultimately does not deliver on promises.
Total votes: 65 (73%)
Total votes: 89

Re: Backer Refunds & Pre-Orders -- Your Thoughts?

BFett wrote:I voted no because I don't want Josh doing extra work if he doesn't have the time to do it. I am however for a backer giving their pledge to another person if they absolutely don't want it. This does give Josh more work for changing target email addresses or whatever goes on in the back end but at least it doesn't allow Josh to lose any funding he already has.
I dont want Josh doing extra either, I just want him to let us pay for him to buy better gear, inspiring toys, trips to see Star Wars, his copy of Fo4. etc. :V
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Re: Backer Refunds & Pre-Orders -- Your Thoughts?

I didn't find out about LT in time to make a pledge and get any rewards, and would love a chance to get earlier access to the game. But I still agree with the above opinions, it's better he just gets on with the game than worries about this kinda aggro, as such, I am voting no!

But if it does happen, I'll be happy to buy someone's pledge off them :D

ps, accounts been active a while, but this is my first post, hi everyone!

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