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Re: First Contact: A Forum Game

Name: Stanislaw Malanowski
Nationality: Polish
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Description: Stanislaw, known as "Stan" or "Ski" to his friends, joined the Polish Army at age 18 after being conscripted. He ended up liking the job, and decided to make a career out of it. He went to Russia for hiss formal military education, and came back an eager lieutenant ready to take on the world. His skill was quickly recognized by his commanders, and he joined the JWK, the Polish special forces, at the behest of High Command. Malanowski was born in Wroclaw to a rather average family. His grandfather fought in World War II against first the Soviets, and later the Nazis. As such, he and his family still holds something of a grudge against both the Russians and Germans. However, he has begun to overcome his ingrained prejudices against them thanks to joint training with the Russians and East Germans- this by no means tempers his dislike of the "Westies," however! He has never actually fought before, however. This is his first "real" deployment, and Malanowski is eager to prove himself to both his Communist peers and his NATO enemies.

Reactions: 4
Bravery: 5
Throwing: 3
Shooting: 3
Agility: 2
Strength: 5
Health: 3

Assault Rifle+4 extra clips
Pistol+3 extra clips
Combat Knife
Ballistic Vest

Edit: derped on my stats ._.
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