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Re: Rewards - Suggestions

You know, it might break immersion as a planet/ship/station name, but I would think as NPC names it could actually be feasible. Perhaps not in every game, but have them appear in the default seed (3827)? I don't see how the names of real people are likely to be that different from the names of NPCs, honestly. Is it really going to be a problem to have Zak Gordon (to steal a forum member's name) instead of Joe Brown asking you for help? Or are the naming standards going to be that massively different?
I can see a couple of problems with it. Firstly, it would mean scripting some names, which would interfere with the game's Unique Selling Point, namely that the entire universe is created procedurally and uniquely for each seed. Secondly, the way names were generated would have to be altered to create a situtation where some names were selected from a list while others were procedurally generated. Thirdly, it could well be immersion-breaking... Josh has said that the procedural generation of names will be set up to make characters from a given faction or area similar styles of name. It's fine if a human shuttle pilot says "Hi, I'm Dave", but when a squad of twenty-foot high armour-plated monsters are narmed Korvan the Majestic, Darek the Invincible, Arish the Mighty and Fred, it becomes a little more noticeable!

Re: Rewards - Suggestions

Bele wrote:The problem would be people using nicks that aren't real names, such as light487 who is active on kickstarter comments, you could of course check the names to see if they would be immersion breaking before adding them, but it could potentially be a lot of work to get everyone to choose names that aren't immersion breaking.
It would be simple enough to not use nicknames but instead use real names. Kickstarters generally include sending out surveys for name/address information for the delivery of physical goods; this would simply mean capturing the name field for appropriate pledge levels to create the name database for inclusion.
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Necessary change to reward descriptions

Hey there, I'm a little new at this, but it seems to me like you might need to make the following textual change to the Kickstarter pledge rewards because it could possibly be a little ambiguous:

In describing levels that give BETA and PROTOTYPE access, you might want to include something like one of the three phrases:

#1. "PLEASE NOTE: Even though the multiplatform stretch goals have been achieved, the betas and prototypes will ONLY be on Windows machines, as the beta and prototypes are made for the development process. Once the game is complete on Windows, then the entire game will be ported to the other platforms. The beta and prototypes must be run under Windows."

- OR -

#2. "ALSO: Since we've hit the multiplatform stretch goal, development is happening in tandem which means that betas and prototypes will ALSO be included in Windows, Mac, or Linux, depending upon your personal platform!"

- OR -

#3. "PLEASE NOTE: Since we've hit the multiplatform stretch goal, BETAs for their appropriate platforms will be made available to you as ported! This does not include the PROTOTYPES, however, as they are core to the development of the game, not being the game itself. Prototypes must be run under Windows, and Beta releases for different platforms will occur at different times."



ps - It might be advantageous from the fundraising aspect of this game to include multiplatform prototypes. I run all 3 OSes, so to me it doesn't matter, but it could for these last days of funding.

Re: Rewards - Suggestions

Hi coder1000, I'm not sure whether you're asking for yourself or whether you think the information should be made more obvious to others, but in case it's the former, the answer is here in the Comprehensive FAQ (from this forum):
JoshParnell wrote:Will the Combat Prototype / BETA be Available on Mac / Linux?

Probably not the prototype, but the BETA most likely will be multiplatform, although I can't make any guarantees yet.
I can't see it mentioned anywhere on the Kickstarter website though.
-- Beetle

Re: Rewards - Suggestions


Yeah both I guess -- what happened was that I missed it in the FAQ and also thought it would be helpful to have on the KS site in the last final days. I ended up making a subtopic with the intention of last second typos for the site before the end of the Kickstarter. Woops! Thanks for your comment, it's clear as day now...

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