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Apologies & Kicking myself

Hi Josh,

Just wanted to apologise as i feel bad, as I failed to up my pledge and managed to only backed your project to the tune of $1.

I went for a $1 at the beginning so I could comment, while I decided what level I actually wanted to pledge at (was flitting between 30, 60 & 75). However I apparently forgot to star the project, so I didn't get the 48 hours remaining warning and therefore failed to up my pledge in time. It wasn't helped that with Xmas coming up & family visiting for 10 days I wasn't keeping up with projects on KS.

Now I'm kicking myself that I messed up, and missed out.

Anyway, congratulations Josh for getting funded & a great KS campaign. I wish you all the best for whatever festivities you celebrate :)


Re: Apologies & Kicking myself

The important thing is that every little bit helps. Whether it's $1 or $1,000, it is still something.

The worst thing you could've done? Not back the game and still expect something in return.
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Re: Apologies & Kicking myself

I know what you mean.
I literally just found out about this game and it's everything I've wanted since I, as a young man, spent countless hours playing 'Escape Velocity Nova'. Beta access would have been great.
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