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... on a spectacular campaign! For both other indie developers as well as the big guns that have lately either failed altogether or barely scraped by, I think the way you handled your campaign, in an unfailingly informative, communicative, active way was a model for others to follow, Josh. You made it clear right from the start what LT is and is not and what we can expect from it, and then have given us regular and enticing glimpses into the look and feel of the game. It seems like a simple thing, but it's a balance few projects seem to get right. You did, and you got everything this visionary and, I firmly believe, trail-blazing game deserves! Congratulations, and it's onward and upward from here to far better things ahead. We're all behind you, Cap'n!

Re: Congratulations

Thanks very much Matthew, it was a whole bunch of fun to run it, especially to have so many enthusiastic people like yourself supporting!

@Liam - It was originally the 200k goal, but I changed it since you all deserve it!
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Re: Congratulations

I congratulate you wholeheartedly Josh. To not only achieve your funding goal, but to blow past it by almost an additional 300%. From what we've seen so far in these past few weeks, and from what is to come in the next year, I feel as though you deserve the money.

Not only that, but once this game comes out, you have yourself a career waiting for you. May this fuel you towards your dreams and goals within the game industry (and perhaps further!).

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Re: Congratulations

Congratulations Josh!

I pitched in as much as I could, so you should see me around the combat prototype stage. It's been a pleasure to help with such an inspiring project (and I say inspiring in the best of ways... If I make a game in the future it will likely have you in the credits, because you've made me start working for real).

I'll be waiting for the first playable version. Thanks!

Re: Congratulations

As the subject line says -- ' CONGRATULATIONS' !! Josh. :D i'm really pleased that the game is fully funded and that you can continue with all the great ideas you have in mind for us.

As I sit here by my PC, in a cold and wet Lincoln, England, I'm warmed up by the thought, that soon'ish, :D I'll be playing a game that I'm really looking forward to.

Once again well done on achieving the first goal of achieving all the funding, and all my best wishes for the games progression.


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