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Time Sensitive / last moment site typos/changes

With just days left of the Kickstarter campaign, I'm hoping you vets won't mind if I start a new subtopic here to highlight last second campaign/site issues before the date hits.

I'm new at this, and I do realize that all posts are important, but there might be suggestions buried deep in threads that there's no way JP would see in time, important if it's an issue with the Kickstarter campaign or how it's presented to the public.

The following is from me from the "Rewards" subtopic. I realize I've kind of double posted here but my intent is that if there are TYPOS or things that could be confusing to donors of the project that might be easily missed, they could be thrown in here for these last few days. Feel free to bash me over the head if I'm completely off my rocker and please accept my humble apologies.


Subject: Changing text in reward levels

It seems to me like you might need to make the following textual change to the Kickstarter pledge rewards because it could possibly be a little ambiguous:

In describing levels that give BETA and PROTOTYPE access, you might want to include something like one of the three phrases:

#1. "PLEASE NOTE: Even though the multiplatform stretch goals have been achieved, the betas and prototypes will ONLY be on Windows machines, as the beta and prototypes are made for the development process. Once the game is complete on Windows, then the entire game will be ported to the other platforms. The beta and prototypes must be run under Windows."

- OR -

#2. "ALSO: Since we've hit the multiplatform stretch goal, development is happening in tandem which means that betas and prototypes will ALSO be included in Windows, Mac, or Linux, depending upon your personal platform!"

- OR -

#3. "PLEASE NOTE: Since we've hit the multiplatform stretch goal, BETAs for their appropriate platforms will be made available to you as ported! This does not include the PROTOTYPES, however, as they are core to the development of the game, not being the game itself. Prototypes must be run under Windows, and Beta releases for different platforms will occur at different times."



ps - It might be advantageous from the fundraising aspect of this game to include multiplatform prototypes. I run all 3 OSes, so to me it doesn't matter, but it could for these last days of funding.

Re: Stretch goal impact on pledge rewards

Regarding the kickstarter site concern about stretch goal impact on pledge rewards:

I didn't realize that Bele. Good point. Perhaps it could be part of the stretch goal explanation..? I mean, the stretch goals ultimately add to all the reward levels in some way, just because they're part of the game. It seems like this would just be further clarifying something that was happening. Or, perhaps Josh isn't sure how he wants to approach that part of the development just yet, which leads me to think that option "1" (that the beta and any prototype(s) will be on windows) will likely be the way it will go. Also when I say Windows, I'm assuming Windows 8. (Possibly 7?)

Re: Time Sensitive / last moment site typos/changes

Yes, that's the thought at the moment. Given that the game wasn't even slated to be multiplatform-guaranteed in the first place, I'm hoping people won't automatically assume that it'll be ported for the early versions! I've had a number of people ask, and the answer I always give is "almost certainly not for the prototype, almost certainly for the beta." Like Bele said, I can't change the wording in the rewards now that it has begun :/
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