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Can I Buy this masterpiece?

I've read that the kickstarter is already closed, but or you offer some kind of pre-order or something? I know that this question may be stupid or repeated a milion times but pls bear with me :D So i''ve watched some of your videos Mr. Josh and i'm VERY impressed and wish to support the cause if i can put it like that. Cheers!

Re: Can I Buy this masterpiece?

Hi and welcome to the forums.

The cause, as you say it, is currently best supported by helping the community think about new mechanics and features, or looks... More money isn't really needed at this point. But some more helpful and friendly new members are always welcome. :D
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Re: Can I Buy this masterpiece?

Hi and welcome to the forum

Gazz, you should've left the red text under the FAQ that told people not to trow money at their screen where it was.
It would maybe have prevented this post :D
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Re: Can I Buy this masterpiece?

This is why I love LT-Forum bot.

Welcome, Valkyryan. :wave: Supporting LT's development (in terms of funding) is out of the question at this point, but I'm not sure whether pre-ordering is or will be a possibility.

Re: Can I Buy this masterpiece?

Locking thread for being answered and being a redundant question.
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