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Re: Stretch Goals Poll

Tom wrote:As far as the workload, have you given any thought to farming out some of the coding work if your funding reaches a given target?
Here's what Josh answered on the Update #1 comment thread when I asked how he planned to use funds beyond the goal:
@Atarun - Well, that's a tough one to answer. I guess the best I can do is to say that I'll be willing to burn even harder than I'm already planning..and get even less sleep than I'm planning to get to make the stretch goals happen ;) I'm not really interested in hiring another coder, so it's tough to say how I could most effectively use the funds to push the development. More coffee I guess? But we can worry more about that when the time comes...let's just try to make LT a reality before we get into the technicalities of bells and whistles!
Now, at the pace at which the pledge total is growing, maybe he changed his mind somewhat... :roll:

Re: Stretch Goals Poll

starpilotnpc wrote:Just a quick question, it says on the Kickstarter page "Third-Person or First-Person : Command your ship from within or without.” does this mean you ill be able to walk around the ship and use controls and stuff or what?
Nihil started this topic to ask if "spacewalk" was an option.

It's not, at least not in LT, as you may see from Josh's answer:
JoshParnell wrote:I sure wish...but, realistically, not in this release. Sorry! I hope to accomplish this someday, perhaps in LT2 :)
So no, you will not be able to "walk around the ship."

What it means, I believe, is that LT is also an RTS. I cannot remember where (hence no quote), but Josh said there would definitely be an interface where you'd be able to select many ships with the mouse and give them orders, much like any RTS I know.

Re: Stretch Goals Poll

I am not certain whether memory serves me correct, Atarun, but I seem to recall that NPCs can also be assigned to pilot ships or potentially to take charge of combat operations.
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Re: Stretch Goals Poll

Tom wrote:I am not certain whether memory serves me correct, Atarun, but I seem to recall that NPCs can also be assigned to pilot ships or potentially to take charge of combat operations.
Indeed. And you will be able to give them orders. And at least one way to give them orders will be through an RTS-like interface that will not be within any ship.

Re: Stretch Goals Poll

JoshParnell wrote:
Jason Schupfer wrote:I voted for Procedural Music Generation because music is the one game making thing I am completely hopeless at and if there can be some kind of music creator one day that perhaps does not require skill in that area...

Also I would be impressed if you could create music procedurally that sounds decent as it is an art form.

But that was 3+ years ago when I was but a young grasshopper. Extrapolating, I think I could do a lot better now... :)
Finally stumbled on that linkee.... Very impressive stuff! Some of it sounds very, um, 'spacey'.

Re: Stretch Goals Poll

Hey guys, I just registered and voted for the planets.

After that I'd like to suggest "Alien Races" als s Strechgoal like i mentions in the KS comments (maybe i should start a topic about that). ;) But, I want the factions and the music too...i guess in the the end we need way more time than money...because we're gonna close at 200k ;)

Re: Stretch Goals Poll

With the create/manage Factions could we make a small factions of the player and NPC’s to form company’s such as a mining or exploration company’s then you could start small and build up to a mega corporations

Basic will it include company’s/businesses?
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Re: Stretch Goals Poll

jay foo wrote:linux+mac support: if you build it they will come.
And they will be very few (compared to PC gamers). :roll:

Seriously, though, I hope Linux/Mac support becomes a stretch goal and we reach it so that even those few gamers without Windows can play LT.

Re: Stretch Goals Poll

Matthew Cason wrote:But maybe enough of those Mac users to make a significant difference. 71 votes for it so far. That's potentially 71 backers who might be holding out or who might increase their pledge significantly if they got Mac/Linux support. It's definitely worth considering.
It is definitely worth considering. Especially since not every Linux/Mac gamer will take the time to come vote on the poll if they can't play the game...
That said, it's still a small number compared to total backers (1449 as of this writing) and I believe it will remain a small portion even if the port stretch goal is cleared.

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