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Development Process Question

Hello Josh,

I was just looking over your kickstarter project and I must say that I'm impressed. I think many gamers enjoy greatly the idea that this world or universe that we are to explore will continue to grow and change always, It's one of the true beauties of procedural generation in this regard. That being said I personally would like to know about your plans, if any, in regards to addition help i.e. programmers, 3d artists, sound designers. Don't get me wrong, I realize that there will be loads of work left to do on LT and that is why I was wondering how you would tackle this? If you received more than 100% backing, at what point if any would you acquire another member for your team? These are just some quick questions that I had because I know that, as you can see already on the forums, two minds are better than one when talking about new gameplay ideas.

Thanks for the time spent reading this,

Re: Development Process Question

Here's what Josh answered on the comments of Update #1 when I asked him what he would do with the additional money if we went beyond goal:
@Atarun - Well, that's a tough one to answer. I guess the best I can do is to say that I'll be willing to burn even harder than I'm already planning..and get even less sleep than I'm planning to get to make the stretch goals happen ;) I'm not really interested in hiring another coder, so it's tough to say how I could most effectively use the funds to push the development. More coffee I guess? But we can worry more about that when the time comes...let's just try to make LT a reality before we get into the technicalities of bells and whistles!
So, clearly, he has no plan to hire a programmer.

About sound and art, he said in his budget cutdown (Update #1):
$5K Sound Design and Assets ~ Obviously LT has very few artist-created assets due to the procedural technology, but sound effects and music are both going to be artist-created. I will be composing the music myself (more to come on that in the future!), but will need to hire someone for the SFX. I've also put "and Assets" just in case any asset-related costs arise that I have not foreseen. But, for the moment, I'm fairly sure that all I will need are sound effects.
So it seems he doesn't need, much less plan, to hire 3D artists, but he does have a plan to hire a sound designer for the effects as of the goal itself (not a stretch goal).

I've asked if he could hire a writer to help with all the dialogs and descriptions and Geoff Hannam suggested he crowdsource part of that work. We are on standby for an answer on that one. :geek:

Re: Development Process Question

The first answer scares me just a little, the work already done is incredible no doubt about it. I am sure that procedural generation does help tremendously but even so there are only so many hours in a day. I just don't want to see such a great project washout because the lone programmer dies of exhaustion. His background in computer graphics and the visuals already witnessed lend credence to his way though so I will hold my level of worry at minimal.

Re: Development Process Question

If you extrapolate what he has done in 3 months to a year and double it as he can spend double the time if not doing much else, then it is conceivable that it is achievable using procedural generation. Of course limits need to be set on features, but there is stretch goals and maybe sequals?

He probably will be somewhat burned out after completing the project and need a month holiday I am guessing :)

Also for someone like this, it may often be more exhilarating fun than work and that makes a big difference.

Re: Development Process Question

Jason Schupfer wrote:
Also for someone like this, it may often be more exhilarating fun than work and that makes a big difference.
This is true, didn't factor it in as much as I should have. However, burnout is a dangerous thing for anyone.That being said, I've looked at his website and you can just see the work and dedication put into graphics and it really shows in what videos and screens he posts. I hope he keeps that same level of dedication throughout! And I wish him Good Luck! :)

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