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Demo Video 3

Hi Josh,
I just enjoyed watching the new demo video 3, nice work. I just wanted to ask what the pair of disc like objects are in the video that we can see ? Are they some kind of jump holes ? Also in the finished game do you anticipate the capital ships breaking up when destroyed , or indeed any ship ?


Re: Demo Video 3

the new video was amazing, the interface looks really good, from what I seen of it, nice having freelancer style travel, I am totally hooked to this game now, as it just the bees knees, and the more I see, the more I really, REALLY WANT!!

so awesome video, and thanks for the update, Josh, it was awesome, the game is coming along nicely

Re: Demo Video 3

HowSerendipitous wrote:Also.... Apparently the system is "Controlled by Kra'hen". Imperium Galactica II reference? ;)
YES!!!! First person to get that reference.. CONGRATS!!! :D :D :D
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