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The Perils of Git

Trent Polack has a good article up on Gamasutra today about some gotchas with version control that he ran into in his game project.

He tried a number of different services, and discusses how they worked (or didn't) for his project.

I wouldn't expect there's any astonishing information here for Josh, or any other game developer reading this. But you never know; there might be some useful nuggets to be extracted. (The comments to that article are worth reading as well.)

Re: The Perils of Git

Git is a good tool.
For source code management.

The people in this article wanted to use it for Binaries.
Binaries are not the correct use-case for Git.

Git is designed around pure text, use other sources for binaries and images/models.

Using a tool for it's correct purpose is how you go forward. Using a wrench as a fork will get you no where.
And sometimes, you just need to have multiple tools. Which is why we script the control of these tools into a single shell script (or batch/powershell script)
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