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Target operating system

I have three questions:

Which operating system is this game designed for?
Also, under which operating system do you write the code?
What editor do you use in the kickstarter trailer at 2:41? :)

Sorry for so many questions, I'm curious. :D

P.S. Great job and keep it up.

Re: Target operating system

He's writing on windows, for windows (but using OpenGL, so porting should be possible)

As to the editor, quite possibly sublimetext:
JoshParnell wrote:Ahahahaha love it. Yes sir, I've spent so much time in front of code...gotta have a good-looking IDE! I'm quite proud of my tricked-out VS2010 setup. People at school always brag to me about their emacs setup and VIM and all that nonsense and I'm like "yeah, I use Visual Studio." And so they laugh and think they're all cool and stuff. And then I pull out my laptop, boot VS, and start coding. And then they weep.

Hey, just in case you haven't heard of it, Sublime Text is actually an incredible editor, and it's SO easy on the eyes! I've recently switched to it, and will probably be finishing off LT development in it! Check it out if you like writing code in style ;)
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