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Geometry displacement to keep clear view of player's avatar

(around 0:25 is the interesting part)

just something i thought interesting.

in the linked game video they displace and change the geometry of the world to keep a clear view of the player avatar
maybe not that useful for LT except for edge cases, but i thought i just put it here.

siggraph video where i initially found it and where they go into a bit more detail

Re: Geometry displacement to keep clear view of player's ava

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
JanB1 looks really cool.

And yeah, this effect is really cool. But it's not what I imagined of a "clear view". It's still really distorted. But yeah, looks cool. :D
Its not distorted, just partially obscured :ghost:
Hmm...I remember a game that made just like a big circle around the character and you could see the character through everything perfectly. It was like the camera fast connected to the avatar by a cylinder that constantly cut out the blocking geometry.
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