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Update on Hardware Requirements

Hi Josh, A simple enough question (but in my experience, simple questions have complex answers). What are the current hardware requirements for Limit Theory? As development has progressed, have you found that you've needed to upgrade your development and testing rig(s)?

I'm not asking for legally binding specifications here, just a gut feel... :thumbup:

(Now that my current computer no longer has the grunt to satisfactorily run Elite:Dangerous, especially since the release of Horizons, I'm sensing that I'm going to be on the market sometime in the coming months)


Re: Update on Hardware Requirements

While Josh hasn't recently made any statements about that, he uses a few different machines of varying specification to develop Limit Theory. One of them is a Macbook with integrated Intel graphics, so worry not about performance too much. Though you can always help by filling out the field in your user profile for your system specs and link us to a DirectX diagnostic text file (if applicable to your system). When the game is eventually live, there will likely be a few system configurations that will need a patch to run, and giving Josh (and pretty much just him and some of the forum administration can see the specs field) that data will help him prepare for that patching, and apply fixes faster than having to have everyone submit redundant report tickets.

The more information you put in, the better, but I'd suggest including data about:
  • Your operating system. (32 or 64 bit, what version, etc.)
  • Your processor. (Make and model, clock speed.)
  • Graphics processor. (integrated or standalone, VRAM, clock speed, make and model.)
  • RAM. (Amount.)
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