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[Question] Procedural starbase generation

Hi Josh,
you have programmed really interesting generators for starbases/spaceships, would you mind to share some basic knowledge how this "starbase generator" works? Im interested in game development and im trying to figure out how this thing could work ... seems pretty easy to generate some mesh but create mesh components that looks like parts of station and position/connect them to create system that looks like starbase and not like scrapyard is another thing :) ... So if you will have some time and would be willing to share some tips i would really appretiate that.

PS: Sorry for my english, im not from english speaking country
PS2: Your game is really promissing and i still cant beleave its one man project. Looking forward to see it completed. GL.

Re: [Question] Procedural starbase generation

I usually stay out of the Technical section, astromedia, but I wanted to welcome you to the LT forums. :wave: :thumbup:

Josh may have read your post but he's already stated that he's keeping certain game development work to himself at the moment. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the beast which LT is turning out to be he doesn't have much time for the sort of interaction you're asking for.

You might get lucky but don't be too disappointed if he doesn't reply. :angel:

Re: [Question] Procedural starbase generation

Thx, I expected it to be so, but still it was worth trying. At first it would be nice to see more under the hood (i hope i used this phrase correctly :) ) of LT and secondly learn something from it :). Anyway even if Josh does not answer this, somebody more advanced in procedural algorythms could contribute here with something valuable :)

No matter what i will still keep trying to do something simmilar by my self ... but im in this topic more graphic designer than programmer so i would use premodeled pieces ... but Im realy fascinated how nicely can Josh create theese pieces from scratch using code only.

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