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Re: Tapatalk Plugin

Flatfingers wrote:
Gokuofuin wrote:Hey there

Could you please install the Tapatalk plugin for this forum :?:

Thank you in advance :clap:

I've seen this show up in one other place, and all I can see that it does it spray an advertisement nagging me to install something on my phone.

What value does this plugin offer that exceeds its annoyance factor?
The reason why is simple. Some people like to read the forums on there tablets or phones and this will allow us to do it easily and without having to zoom around all the time.

Re: Tapatalk Plugin

My phone seems to handle it fine as well. Just don't expect me to post much.
We noticed that this thread got a little side-tracked into a conversation about eating spaghetti with a spoon. We do enjoy our fair share of italian food, but please remember to keep discussion on-topic when posting on the forums.

Re: Tapatalk Plugin

Tapatalk (created in Shanghai in 2009) wants access to everything in a forum's database.

In return, it directs users to other forums. (At least, that's one thing it admits to doing with what unsuspecting forum users post there.)

And if you try to develop an alternative that offers the basic "read multiple forums in one reader" functionality that its advertisers claim "some people" (really? who?) want, you get a Cease & Desist letter from Tapatalk's lawyers.

I'm just one user here. The admins/ moderators here make the decisions about what services they think this forum should offer.

All I can say is that I would not install Tapatalk on any forum I owned, and I will not use it if it's installed on this forum. Other people are free to feel otherwise.

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