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Return of the 3-dimentional nodal menu?

I have noticed in all the later dev updates that the nodal design from Episode 11 is not used in any extension at all. I love all the parts about it. But even though the inventory part of the node menu (though a beautyfull creature) is very unpractical at best, what makes it reeealy stand out to me is the map. A 3 dimentional rotateable design that works exelent in the context of space where the y(or z, depends)-axis is a non-limiting factor, compared to all earthly transportations, even planes to an extensinon. This map really promotes the idea of a 3-dimensional omni-directional space, contrary to a 2-dimentional space.


Re: Return of the 3-dimentional nodal menu?

The 3d effects, I imagine, will be most spectacular when using and oculus rift or any other 3d display.

Honestly, I think the nodal designs are used where appropriate. Notice he uses nodal designs for the more noticeably procedurally generated content such as maps and tech trees. The stock market and inventory of your ship isn't represented in a 3D nodal format, because it doesn't have to be. It's far easier to follow 2D windows and menus for crafting, stock trading and ship monitoring than with a 3D Nodal layout.

Don't worry, your 3D map is probably still there. I'm hoping it's still there.
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Re: Return of the 3-dimentional nodal menu?

Jazehiah wrote:
Don't worry, your 3D map is probably still there. I'm hoping it's still there.
Due to the nature of PCG, Josh's youtube videos only showed a snapshot of what he was working on at that time.
He has said previously that the code is still there, he just does not show it in other videos as it was not pertinent to the video being shown for that month.

You will see in Update #12 he goes into how he is able to drill down from the System Star Map, using the Nodal UI, to individual objects
(He shows and talks about this between 8 mins 49 seconds and 9 mins 30 seconds.)

PCG is modular, and Josh is able to turn on/off different functions (Nodal UI) as required.

Here is the link to the Nodal UI in Update #11 (your link points to Update #21)


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