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LT in the Web

Some time ago I was epperimenting a bit with the open source 3D engine Nebula Device. One of its developers, Andre Weissflog, posted a several articles a year ago in his blog about porting engine to the Web. He was experimenting with 2 technologies: PNaCl and emscripten. First is the platform/library for writing Google Chrome plugins in C/C++ (compiled with Clang). Second is compiling/translating C/C++ code using Clang/LLVM to the JavaScript (asm.js format). Both of them are translating OpenGL calls to the WebGL so graphics should be pretty good.

There are several things that should be taken in account during porting. The biggest are threading and resources loading. Latter should not be a problem for LT as soon as the only external resource it uses is sound files. With threading it could be a bit more difficult because application generated with PNaCl or emscripten is working in the sandbox environment provided by browser.

After moving big part of the code to LTSL LimitTheory has now smaller C++ part so theoretically it should not be hard to port it.
Of course this ported version will have some limits but it could be used, for example, as a demo in the PR campaign to give gamers some impression about LT.

It's just an idea for post LT 1.0 period.


Re: LT in the Web

Hi, Haron.

Your comments here seem to be about porting LTSL scripts... but I'm not sure what you're talking about porting them to, or why.

Could you back up a little and explain what you're thinking, please?

(Also, mods, a suggestion: this might be better situated in the Technical sub-folder. Thanks!)

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