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Re: Procedural Terrain Generation in Unity

Flatfingers wrote:Jayelinda Suridge has part 2 of a series of procedural terrain generation in Unity up over at Gamasutra.

It's a good read. She gets into the details, including some code, while staying pretty readable.

Even if you don't use Unity, you might finds some of the concepts interesting.
I've met Jayelinda in a Skype chat. In addition to being a programmer and game designer, she's also an avid conlanger.
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Re: Procedural Terrain Generation in Unity

Perfect find, seems interesting read, link bookmarked! Especially as I also work on procedural universe (and terrain) generation in Unity currently. And hands down she had also added some code is a nice move, always interestign to see how others implement the procedural plane generation! Hopefully but surely there'll be some nice hints! Thanks a lot to you and Jayelinda of course.

Btw, would love someone knows some good links to articles for effectively traverse and use quadtree's for (non-precalculated) terrain generation. I found some on how to basically use to store the terrain data, but none really explains how to traverse the tree and split/merge terrain on demand. My current implementation seems too slow as I traverse 6 quadtrees (for a cubesphere) regularly, but it seems the overall process including split and merge takes too long for the terrain to update fast (and you see black holes where the upper node is removed and the four childnodes take too long being created). So any hint on that topic too would be really appreciated.

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