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Paper on Combinatorial Narrative Generation

After reading the remarkable work being done to generate emotionally plausible conversations in Human Orbit, today I read about a different approach.

This paper describes the details by which symbols, events, and endings can be expanded and combined to produce narratives that feel like stories. This capability -- which sounds like MadLibs on steroids -- is being developed for the indie game Ice-Bound.

That game has some augmented-reality stuff I'm not too sure about. (I've been burned before by an AR game.) But the story-generation tech sounds like it might be adaptable to many games in many genres.

Re: Paper on Combinatorial Narrative Generation

This week, I attended a conference where James Owen Ryan, who works with Mateas and Wardruip-Fruin, presented a combinatorial approach for dialogue generation. I guess that must be part of the project.
It was really interesting and the guy succeeded in the performance of presenting his work on dialogue generation without any word on his slides !

You can find the article here : ... 0_2#page-1
Unfortunately, I don't think there are any free ressources... I find this one ... alogue.pdf which must be a previous work on the same matter.
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