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Mesa's GLSL Compiler has Improved

JoshParnell wrote: Yes, this is the first time I've ever gotten the full game running (well) on the open-source Mesa drivers. I'm not sure if I made some incredible improvement, or if Mesa made some incredible improvement, or a little bit of both (last time I tried it appeared to me that Mesa's shader optimization was so painfully slow that the scalar field shaders couldn't even compile)
Yes a lot of nice things have gone in to Mesa's GLSL the past year:

Optimizations over the past year on their shader test cache show SIMD16 programs increasing from 88.6% to 97.8%, 43k shader samples improved, about a 10% reduction in the number of loops in programs, around 16% cut in the number of basic blocks, and around 92% less CFG calculations. On top of that, many new Steam on Linux games are beginning to just work fine.

Source: ... px=MTgxMDI

Other highlights from that page:
- The page has some links to some low level technical stuff.
- Going from GLSL 1.40 to GLSL 3.30 compliance
- The new "NIR" intermediate representation

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