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Re: Why a new scripting language?

theStormWeaver wrote:I just want to play the game.
I don't just want to play the game. I want to play an specific game for specific reasons. Some of us believe that this games is going to be special. To have its own scripting language, and the advantages that this entails, is one of the many reasons that make this game special.
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Re: Why a new scripting language?

theStormWeaver wrote:I just want to play the game.
I will strongly echo this sentiment.
My entire being aches with desire whenever I revisit the Kickstarter main page.

I do not, however, share any disparaging outlook on LTSL. Selfishly, I consider a Happy Josh to be in my best interest wrt the above.
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Re: Why a new scripting language?

The happier the Josh the happier the me playing LT sometime in the future.

I don't regret a single buck I spent on the kickstarter. Even if the release is delayed by a year. The journey of following the devlog and being part of the community, commenting and discussing (and reading others discussing) is, for me, a great part of my Limit Theory experience alone.

As of getting LT done faster would be more convenient and stressing our patience substantially less, I've played enough rushed and shitty games to prefer quality over a quick release date.

And maybe a few others agree with me. :roll:

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Re: Why a new scripting language?

One thing that i think is overlooked is the fact that the realease date was given before the stratch goals were given. I don't think that Josh thought that the game would take off as it did, being very humble, and the date given was one that reflected his expected release date for the game -addendums. If you look at production times put into making all the things he reached, I think that he will come in well under his expected production time. We gave enough money that he ended up having to make not one great game, but the equivilant of probably three. Thats worthy of note.
I will say that if it is even debatable whether or note the time it would take to write his own scripting code would be comparable to the amount of time it would take to port, work with, and polish someone else's code, which I think that it is, It is obviously well worth it to make his own, because he can alter it, and grow it, to fit his needs, and ours.
For the sake of openness, I am slightly biased to everything that the Great Procedural King decides, so.... you know. Grain of salt. :mrgreen: :lol:

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