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Re: how do i download limit theory

Hello, Brinks! Welcome to the forums, my good sir. I'll be your host for the time being.

First off, you'll notice a nice little bar of red text up there. *points up and to the left* Among these, you'll see the Game FAQ, which I shall link to here. Awesome, yes? Just wait! I'm just getting started. ;)

Second, Limit Theory isn't out yet - that's why you're not getting an email. If you're a Kickstarter backer (but didn't back on the prototype level), I'm guessing you haven't been following very closely. LT has been delayed to early 2015, but no worries! LT will be the most amazing single-dev game you've ever laid eyes on - Mr. Parnell is slaving away night and day and providing daily updates over at his Dev Log subforum. Take a peek there, and feel free to subscribe to get daily notifications! The amount of work he does daily is nothing short of astonishing. You're just in time, too - tomorrow he'll be uploading a new dev video, and you can go check out the LT YouTube channel to watch for it (as well as seeing a lot of other awesome past update videos! Dev Video #16 is my personal favorite).

Finally, as you may have noted if you read the Game FAQ I linked above, you will soon find this thread locked as per the rules. No offense intended, of course - we just get a lot of threads like these and they tend to clutter up the forums if people keep posting in them!

Great to have you here, and I hope you have a pleasant stay - or better yet, stick around! There's always something happening.
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Re: how do i download limit theory

First off, welcome to the forums! :wave:

Second, I'm going to go ahead and infer that you're not a kickstarter backer. As such, I direct you to the FAQ that points out that the game is not yet available. If I am mistaken and you are a kickstarter prototype backer, let me know and I'll unlock this thread.

Edit: Ninja'd by Talvieno. Well said. :clap:
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