A Couple Graphical Ideas

Disclaimer: I have never done any Graphics Programming, most of these ideas are just that. I do not know if any of these can be done in reasonable time.

Dynamic "Dust":

After watching the Dev log, I found it slightly bothersome that the dust was constant across the view screen. After that I did some thinking about how to allow dust to be visible from outside the zone, as well as dynamic while inside the zone.

Basic Idea:
When looking at an asteroid zone, the depth of the field from your viewpoint dictates how murky or dusty it looks. It would work similarly while inside a zone, allowing you to easily find the quickest way out by looking for the clearest bit of sky.

I do not know exactly how the graphics engine processes. This may be so far off that calling me an idiot is the kindest thing to do, but the core of it might be useful.

Since the zone's boundaries are mathematical expressions, you can easily use them to find the depth of any line passing through the zone, and by using that data you can multiply it by a "murky" factor to get the murky-ness of that part of the zone. Repeating this a set amount of times in a grid pattern can give you a reasonable graph of how murky that area of space should be.

Asteroid Pop in:

This idea I've had for a while, but it deals with too many unknowns regarding how the graphics engine works. There's a major chance that it straight up doesn't work, but the core of it may be useful. So, I'm adding it in as a side note.

Basic Idea:

Go through every asteroid after creation and give them a value, which is the distance at which this asteroid would cover 2-4 pixels on an average screen. When going over which asteroids to make visible, make any asteroid that are greater than this value visible.


After doing some basic math for my monitor, the value could be the max or average diameter of the asteroid divided by sin(1/8 of a degree), which is a rough estimate of how much 2 pixels would be on my 1680/1050 monitor with a 90 FOV.
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