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The issue you brought up in the dev log for the 17th is a challenge. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1936

"However, at the end of that parallel block of actions, the NPC does not have both prerequisite items."

The first solution to handle this is not close out the block of actions. If it is about acquiring the item, then attach a go and get it from 'my storage' to 'my inventory' block. If you directly get the item then this block instantly is completed. Think of it as a fetch quest, sometimes you have the item on you and the quest completes immediately. That is the same tactic you should use here. So a getting an item could have a bunch of steps, but the majority of them are instantly completed and only come into play in special circumstances. Rather than create a unique solution to a unique problem, create an expansive solution to every problem. Not elegant, I know, but it does solve the issue.

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