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Re: Do we get to name things we discover?


I'm curious about this too. I'd love to be able to name new systems and worlds I discover. I understand the game engine could procedurally come up with a cool-sounding name for a totally unexplored system that's far from civilization - but why? Why should a computer get to name the system? It's only right that the system's discoverer should get to name it. Maybe there should be an option to let the computer name it, if you're tired of coming up with names, but it should be optional.

Perhaps the procedural naming should apply to systems that are already civilized (it's not like I can go to Spain and rename it Insolania - it's already got a name), but not to unexplored systems.

Re: Do we get to name things we discover?

Well I suppose it could have it's official name (What it's inhabitants (or what you, if no inhabitants) would call it) and maybe its nickname simply put as an alternate name.

Like, for example, you find a planet named "ABC" but you don't want to call it that, so instead it changes to "ABC(XYZ)"
Just a thought :D
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