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IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

We need one! Is there one? If not do I have permission to get that ball rolling?

*pushes ball*
I got an unofficial chatroom going. For those who are unfamiliar with IRC, this link will get you into the chatroom.

For the initiated:
channel: #limittheory
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Re: IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

It depends on the chatroom culture and the moderator staff. Forums work very well for people that are slower processors and conversation that requires a more essay format. Chatrooms tend to cater to people who are fast processors and to more "verbal" type of conversations. This will become more important once software starts being released.

The key issue is developing community culture. It is much, much more difficult to try and establish new social norms in a large group full of newer community members than a small community full of initial members who are much more invested.
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Re: IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

Wouldn't it facilitate communications even more to have all alpha testers use an IM client?
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Re: IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

I will not use the chat, personally. I find it way too hard to follow discussions for any meaningful length of time on a chatroom.

That said, if people want to use a chatroom, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of plug-in javascript-based chatrooms that Josh could use without working too much on it.

Re: IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

matthewfarmery wrote:I dont think such a chat system should be used for alpha or beta, maybe to discuss some ideas, but yes it can get pretty messy, and bug handing will be impossible in chat, so I don't think its a good idea at the moment
I think the OP wanted a chat room right now, for backers (and maybe potential backers) to discuss more dynamically than on the forum or Kickstarter comment thread.
Clearly, not even a forum is appropriate for bug handling. There are bug trackers for that.

Re: IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

ACH0225 wrote:Maybe one can be made in the game using trans-dimensional communications technology. Maybe in a late late release.
yes like a "general chat" you can join connected to the LT players who want to. it should be nice having that chat even in single player and i think it would be revolutionary :D
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Re: IRC (or xmpp) chatroom!

I think it would be amazingly cool to be able to connect to a chat channel in game and talk to others playing the game even if you cant play MP you can easily communicate with others who are also playing. it could go hand in hand with setting up comm work with npcs.
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