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Re: The other side of exploration and the same kind of different destroying the sense of wonder

I always wonder about this absolute distinction being made between "handcrafted" and "procedural".
A procedure is also "handcrafted". The main difference is, that the generated outcome uses random parameters, and thus will result in a varying unexpecting outcome.

The are lots of intermediaries. Be it things like structures which are made out of tilable modules that are randomly assembled, or forests in games that have handcrafted spanwpoints, but the trees are procedurally generated (out of handcrafted components).

At the end, all the procedural systems in LT need to be designed by hand too, and have parameter-ranges for the generator that make aesthetic sense. Its more a question about how detailed their depth of generation is. (every polygon vs sticking together premade polygon-groups) and how many different procedures are used. (And how their chance of occurrence is distributed)

Samieness comes more from having too high detail with too little depth, that will then end in having repeating patterns.
Like using a simple Perlin-noise terrain: Its can look good at a close distance, but zooming out too much, and it will look like a very similar pattern. Then it requires to have added larger scale features, or be mixed with some other Noise patterns to look better.

The goal should be (to counter "samieness"), that a player could play for several hours before noticing repetitions those patterns. And still see some substancially new varyation even after a hundret hours of play.

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