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Re: Market Bubbles

I'm no computer scientist but if each layer only has a few hunded objects and they don't have to be constantly updated every second it would be feasable to simulate their interactions.
Reducing the fidelity of the simulation (at a distance) will change the outcome of the simulation.
The region where the player resides would be simulated differently than a far away region. The ai would come to different solutions of what to do when trading.

Thats a very general problem with the approach in LT (having no "limit" in scale) , and will either limit the total number of fully simulated systems/ai traders, or make the simulation diverge.
So either the trading decisions have really low updates, so a normal PC can keep up with all the ai decisions, or there might have to be pauses to batch-process far away systems.
"please wait while updating the world"

I fear, the easy way out will then be to simply emulate the outcomes of complex ai decisions, and script market cycles to be more of an entertaining gameplay (than a full simulation).

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